Will There Be A Season 3 Of The Alienist?

alienist season 3

The Alienist is TNT’s period crime drama. It was inspired by a novel name “The Alienist.” On its release, this drama gets huge popularity. Currently, it has two seasons completed in August 2020. The team is thinking of producing the Alienist season 3 as well. The date they have planned to release Alienist season 3 is September 2021. This is indeed very popular among viewers worldwide. In this post, the readers will know more about the drama.


In the drama, Daniel Bruhl portrays a 19th-century psychiatrist named Laszlo Kreizler. His area of expertise is a mental illness in children. After a certain time, there was a string of murders in New York City. In this case, Laszlo’s task is to investigate the mystery. His task is to find out who’s behind the atrocious acts. Other notable members are the illustrator John Schuler Moore and the NYPD chief’s secretary Sara Howard. Here role John is played by Luke Evans, and Dakota Fanning plays the role of Sara. 

The drama has been a series of death, intrigue, and social commentary for two seasons. Therefore, the team made the show an ideal binge-watch for knowing how the horrible crimes get solved. “The Alienist” is perfectly suited for the viewers who also enjoy shows like Prodigal Son, The Killing, and The Sinner. This is possible due to the widespread appeal of darker crime series. However, the show needs to pick up a sizable following. The show is currently streaming on HBO Max. Therefore, the team is hoping to gain more eyes for the show. As a result, TNT will end up pulling the trigger on the third season. 

A Glimpse Of Seasons:

Caleb Carr’s book series was the inspiration for the first two seasons of this show. There is a year-long gap between those two books. However, the third in the series, Surrender, New York, took place over a century later in 2016. Therefore, it would need to follow a completely new cast of characters. Hence it needs to cast characters instead of the ones played by Bruhl, Evans, and Fannings. Therefore, things become difficult. There is always a chance for the show to forge its path within the 1890s or early 1900s. Despite this, the viewers loved the first two seasons as they each have their storylines that get resolved by the finale. 

In the first season, it shows that John Moore and Dr. Laszlo Kreizler take on a series of murders. The murders seem to have been committed by an unknown serial killer. Therefore an investigation team is formed. John Moore, Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, Sara Howard, Cyrus Montrose, Patchen Markellenko, and Theodore Roosevelt. They together work to find out the killer before striking again and continue their gruesome spree of murders. 

In the second season, the team introduces two new characters. The idea was to intrigue the storyline that would keep the viewer on the edge of their seat. Season 2 explores more deeply into the lives of the characters. Moreover, viewers will know more about the character’s personal stories while adding a rich and intricate back story.

In The Alienist Season 3, Kreizler and Moore continue to work on the case of a serial killer as the killer is murdering the children in New York City. They investigate more deeply into the disappearances of women from Manhattan’s brothels. 

Viewer’s Perception About “The Alienist”:

Since its first release, the show became popular. The viewers loved the series. Even the critics also approved the show wholeheartedly. Even the second season has an 83% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. No Doubt the performances from the lead trio of actors were nop notched.

Moreover, praise was also for the gorgeous period-accurate costumes. Besides, as this series was a crime story with enough twists and turns, all these combinations made the show an admirable drama for the viewers. As a result, both the viewers and the critics well received the drama.

Season 1 has 10 and season 2 has 8 episodes in total. This idea of the small number of episodes for fairly fast completion of the series proved to be a hit. The Alienist makes to intrigues viewing with a level of production design that the viewers can’t see on other series. Overall, the episodes are suspenseful and with great twists. Thus, the series will entertain viewers from beginning to end.

However, based on the popularity of this series, people are expecting more. Therefore they are thinking about: “Will there be a season 3 of The Alienist“? To keep the viewers satisfied, the team decided to release the Alienist season 3 in September 2021. Though still, there is no final news yet. Also, the team hasn’t canceled the possibility of removing the Alienist season 3

The first season got on an average of 1.7 million viewers per episode. This huge amount of viewership made the show a super hit. However, it became a little over 1 million viewers per episode. Still, it was a huge hit. Therefore, the viewers are eagerly waiting for the Alienist season 3. 

In Conclusion:

Season 1 of The Alienist was based on Caleb Carr’s 1994 novel. The name of the base novel was “The Alienist.” In addition, season 2 was based on the author’s 1997 follow-up novel. The name of the base novel was The Angel of Darkness. However, the TV show dropped some plot points and added others—for instance, John and Sara’s affair. Therefore, if the show is renewed, then there is a possibility that a third season could incorporate some elements from that book. Otherwise, it may focus on an entirely new mystery invented for the show.

Carr wrote a third book named ‘Surrender, New York”. However, it is quite a bit different from the previous two books. But, this third one is a contemporary crime novel. The story focused on Dr. Trajan Jones, who is also a criminal psychologist. Moreover, he is a leading expert on Kreizler’s work. As per Variety, Fox was developing a drama series based on the book. Therefore, we can assume a third series of the thriller murder mystery series, The Alienist.

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