Here Is What Makes Literature Complete- Elements Of Literature

What Makes Literature Complete- Elements Of Literature

When we think of literature, we think of language. Literature in every language is documentation of important work. A literary work comprises various components. Elements of literature and their understanding is important. Wondering what makes literature as a whole? In this article find everything you need to know about literature.

What Elements Make Literature?

A literary work consists of many elements. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • Character
  • Setting
  • Plot
  • Theme
  • Frame
  • Explosion
  • ending/documents
  • Motif
  • Titling and
  • Narrative point of view

Apart from that, the other elements which make literature are plot, conflict in plot, and resolution. These components of literature make sure that literary work runs smoothly and they allow action.

This action converts rough work to developed work in a logical and comprehendible way that the reader can understand. The next section is all about parts of literature and how that stands formative in literature. 

Features Of Literature:

Features of literature are also called parts of literature. They form the skin of any story like there is to a human body. Skin defines the beauty of a human skeleton and similar is the case with features. These include:

  • Allusion
  • Analogy
  • Character
  • Climax
  • Conflict
  • Dialogue and
  • Flashback

The importance of literary elements applies everywhere. Any literary work is incomplete without its elements. Literary devices are techniques that profound writers adopt. This is to express ideas and enhance the writing work. Literary devices highlight main points within the text, narrative strength, and writing styles. 

There are different types of literature work wherein elements of literature are largely adopted. Literature consists of genres like fable, fairy tales, fantasy, fiction, folklore, fiction in verse, and historical fiction. It is divided into five different forms. These forms include poetry, prose, Non-fiction, and media. 

During ancient Greece, literature was divided into two main categories. The categories were tragedy and comedy only. However, in today’s modern times, there are endless possibilities to the categories of literature. Apart from the 7 elements of literature, it comprises style, structure, subject matter, and figurative language which forms its skeleton.

What Are The Main Functions Of Literature?

The work of literature performs the functions of preserving documentary works. These documentary works can be related to tradition, culture, customs, and many more subjects. Literature preserves and creates imprints of people’s way of living for others. This is for their reading, heating, and learning. Literature is all about capturing feelings and human experiences in words. 

Literature reviews are what we land on next. It is all about narrative, systematic quantitative literature review, Cochrane reviews, and Campbell collaboration. Within five genres of literature, fiction is the most popular one. Followed by non-fiction, drama, poetry, and folktale.


Literature is a piece of work that is documented in various forms. It consists of different genres and types. Along with that, it consists of elements and styles which form the skeleton and skin of a literary work. In this article find everything you need to about literature.

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