Everything That You Should Know About Culture – Examples Included

examples of culture

Culture is a sensitive topic. Everything that comprises culture forms its basic structure. It is also its foundation. There are many examples of culture. They help us understand what it is all about. In this section, learn everything that you need to know about culture and its elements with examples.

How can we understand culture?

A few examples can help us understand efficiently what culture is all about. Some traditional culture examples:

  • Norms
  • Languages
  • Architecture
  • Holidays
  • Ceremony and rituals
  • Pastimes
  • Festivals and,
  • Food

Apart from that, other examples with the help of which culture is understood are customs, laws, societal standards, beliefs, and style.

There are different types of culture that form its examples. These examples include everything related to economy, arts, government, customs, organizations, and cultural circles. Within the larger circumference of a circle that we all know of are subcultures.

Subcultures are the ones that are not large enough to include a complete society. They form an important part of the larger circumference.

Characteristics and elements of culture:

Culture is elaborated in 5 basic characteristics. These characteristics are very essential. Most importantly when it comes to designing the basic foundation of culture and understanding it. These are learned, shared, based on symbols, integrated and dynamic.

What makes culture interesting to understand is its elements. These are values, languages, social collectives, roles, and norms. Food is an example of culture. It explains what we eat witing different cultures that are available to us. Shelter explains how we reside culturally.

Religion is a big caterer to culture and directly related to festivals and beliefs. With religion, follow, language, security, and social organization that every culture forms for survival and unity.

What are cultural identity examples?

Cultural identity examples are culture examples, that defines our identity as an individual. In simple words, cultural identity is a feeling. A feeling of where we belong. A feeling of the same identity in terms of practices, traditions we preach, birthplaces, values, art, music tastes, and much more.

In different culture different type of custom is practices. Similarly, it varies in forms of art and music. Not only that but also influences languages and the food we eat.  However, such identities occur issues. This issue is a cultural identity issue. It affects mental health and physical health.

This is spoken largely of, in various terms of attitudes, wellbeing, self-personality, and family. People with cultural identity issues face struggles. This involves mixed feelings and a varied space of belonging. In such cases to effectively manage cultural identity issues, one should be aware of personal cultural identity.

What is personal cultural identity?

Personal cultural identity is a feeling of belongingness that comes from knowing your cultural identity better. A person’s self-conception and self-perception are related to different factors. Personal identity involves nationality, ethnicity, religion, and social class.

It also comprises generations, locality, and different societal groups. These factors define culture’s distinct identity and thereby a person’s identity.  


Cultural identity and examples of culture are benefactors of an individual’s identity. Culture has examples, identities, characterizes, and definitions. Culture comprises of language, norms, state, religion, and more. Hence culture is important for living for all for community and unity.

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