Ways To Sell College Textbooks Online

Sell College Textbooks Online

You’re probably aware of the high expense of textbooks at public four-year universities – over $1,200. But, there is no way to escape from paying this amount. However, there is a method to recover some of your money if you know how to sell old college textbooks online.

Some students have made money reselling their used books, while others have turned it into a side company. We’ll teach you how to benefit from selling your college textbooks online in this guide.

Before You Sell Your College Textbooks, Here’s What You Should Do

If you know what the buyback sites want for your nursing books, for example, it’s not difficult to sell them. Consider selling your old car. If it’s in good shape, you’ll get extra money. That’s something to think about while selling your books online.

Students make notes in the margins, mark paragraphs, and even dog-ear pages, which buyback sites are aware of. However, this does not guarantee that all consumers will be pleased to see the sketches you created in the book.

As a result, clean the pages as much as possible while avoiding further damage. Then, when the next semester arrives, secure the covers and bindings of your textbooks with patient’s tape.

However, instead of writing directly on the pages, you can use adhesive paper to write down notes. This will keep the books in good shape until they’re ready to sell, and when they’re ready to sell, you’ll get top dollar.

When Should You Sell Your College Textbooks On The Internet?

The first step is to determine whether now is the best moment to sell your textbooks. When you
put the books on sale, the amount you receive paid for them is dependent on when you put them
on sale. When courses start, for example, many students will be interested in purchasing books.

Because classes are ended, you won’t make any money after the semester. During the summer,
the value of college textbooks tends to drop. When classes resume, it soars to new heights.

So, rather than waiting until you graduate, sell your books just before the semester begins if you
want to make the most money.

Some students hold off on selling their college textbooks for a few years. However, because
publishers continue to release new editions, this may not be a wise idea. When a new one is
released, the previous ones become obsolete, and you won’t be able to sell them for a higher

Where Can I Sell My College Textbooks On The Internet?


Consider BookDeal.com if you’re a college student looking to sell your textbooks. They simplify
the selling process, which takes only a few minutes of your time. Simply input the ISBN of the
book, select your chosen quote, and have your textbooks shipped for free.

You’ll be paid via Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal once BookDeal.com receives your delivery. With its
“Upload Book Photos” tool, the corporation also safeguards you. This feature acts as proof that
you submitted textbooks in the condition you specified.

In addition, BookDeal.com assures you that you will be repaid. They’ve set up a procedure to
make sure you get your money. BookDeal.com is a hassle-free approach to selling your books as
quickly as possible.


TextbookRush is another wonderful location to sell your textbooks online. To sell your
textbooks, enter your ISBN, select your desired quote, and ship your books for free. When the
company receives your package, they will pay you by cheque, PayPal, or shop credit.

TextbookRush is a convenient place to sell your books if you’re still in college, especially if
you’re on a limited budget. However, keep in note that TextbookRush also sells video games and
movies for cash. So, if you want to sell something other than textbooks, this buyback site is the
place to go.

You also get free FedEx shipping and TextbookRush pays you after two weeks.


Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace and the market leader in textbooks. When it
comes to textbook reselling, Amazon makes it quite easy. All you have to do is input the ISBN
and your textbook will be listed quickly. When your book sells, you must send it yourself. When
your book sells, you must send it yourself.


BookByte devotes a significant portion of its resources to textbook repurchase, and they make
the process simple. Simply fill out the form with your book information, accept the offer, and
return your books. Any textbook worth $10 or more is eligible for free shipping back.


It is a textbook selling search engine that evaluates 35 different sellers to help you sell your
textbook. Accept an offer you like, return your books, and get paid.


BooksRun is a platform that allows you to sell both textbooks and eBooks. This is one of the few
companies we’ve found that helps people sell eBooks. You simply enter your book information,
accept the offer, send it in, and get paid, just like the other firms.

Barnes and Noble

This is a bookstore that specializes in books.

Many people overlook the fact that Barnes and Noble is not only a store, but also has a large
website and an excellent textbook resell business. They also make reselling your textbooks
simple by requiring you to enter the ISBN of your book, accept their offer, and send in your

The only restriction is that your books must be valued at, at least $10.

Final Thoughts

This article will correctly point you if you want to learn how to sell your books online. You may
sell your books and get paid quickly using the buyback sites listed in this guide, such as
BookDeal.com. It’s more practical.

However, before you begin, make sure your textbooks are in good working order. Also, make
sure you read any buyback site’s book condition guidelines before selling. This can save you
time, energy, and money in some cases.

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