The Kdrama Series True Beauty Season 2: Here Is What You Need To Know

True Beauty Season 2

Originally known as ‘Yeosin-gangnim,’ the popular Kdrama series’ true beauty’ is believed to come back with its brand-new sequel. The first season left us all in awe and emotions. The first season parted depicting Lim Ju-Kyung, and Lee Su-ho go about their ways individually. This left some possibility for the die-heart fans of the return of true beauty kdrama season 2.

Everyone awaits the official announcement of the release date of true beauty season 2 kdrama. Get the latest news right here about the new season release date announcement to the latest news. Everything about true beauty season 2, the new kdrama genre, and more in this article! Get to know everything that you should about this loved series.

What Is The Storyline Of True Beauty Kdrama?

True beauty is a romantic comedy television series based on Line Webtoon of the same name Yaongyi. The story follows the life of an 18-year-old high school female student. Lim Ju-Kyung has been bullied by her school peers all her life and underestimated by her family for her mediocre appearance. Therefore, she has little to no confidence left in her due to her dreadful past experiences.

With the turn of events, Ju-Kyung decides to join a new school and give a fresh start to her life and identity. However, before embarking on her new journey to a new school, she learns and masters the art of makeup. This fetches her much-needed validation, fame, and popularity. 

Therefore, her biggest fear in life becomes someone seeing her without makeup. Su-ho, however, is one of his handsome classmates. He recognizes her beyond makeup and observes her bare face without makeup. The unexpected friendship between Lim Ju-Kyung and Su-ho deepens. The friendship follows revelations of their untold secrets and comfort with each other. 

Yoangyi Lee and Lee Shi-Eun wrote the story in December 2020 on south Korean network TV. The story, ever since its release, enjoyed impressive viewership and audience love. In no time, true beauty has become the highest-rated kdrama of all time. 

Fans of all ages of the series are eagerly waiting to announce true beauty season 2 kdrama.

There have been rumors of it being true. The series has been highly satisfying and represented the romantic comedy genre in the best way. Therefore, it is likely for the admirers of true beauty to await the announcement of true beauty season 2 kdrama. We are also eagerly awaiting the revelation of the new plot. 

When Is The Latest Release Date Expected?

TvN is developing the series for its first season with Studio Dragon. The first season of the beloved series came on south Korean televisions on December 9th, 2020, on the tvN network. The show ran for a complete 16 episodes lap, every episode being an hour-long, and ended in 2021.

The lap of 16 episodes feels like a natural end to any storyline. However, there are still hopes for the true beauty season 2 kdrama to be announced. Webtoon continues to release new episodes every week. Hence there is a good sign for the series to return with the new season. The storyline of season 1 can be an adaptable material for season 2. Moreover, a strong reason for the sequel of any series depends on the viewership and rating. True beauty is a series that had pretty high and impressive in true beauty season 1.

Although it is not likely for a kdrama to get a green signal for more episodes, folks wait for some good news anyways. The show, in all its possibilities, is expected to return in full zeal sometime in 2022. At present, nothing can be confirmed and solidifies about the renewal status of true beauty season 2. 

True Beauty Season 2 Cast: New Entries In Season?

The kdrama series essentially revolves around Lin Ju-Kyung and Lee Su-ho. They are reels for Moon Ga-young and Cha Eun-woo, respectively. Han Seo-jun, who directed Hwang In-yeop, also appears in the series. Ju-Kyung, an 18-year-old high school student, is insecure about how she looks. She doesn’t have any admirers and most of the time is bullied and troubled by her schoolmates.

Su-ho, her new school classmate, already knows how she looks beyond her attempts of hiding her true self behind makeup. Seo-jun and Su-ho, best friends, turned into strangers earlier due to a tragedy, tearing them apart. The three characters in season 1 form a love triangle as both of them fall in love with Lim Ju-Kyung.

The other characters in true beauty, season 2, the much-awaited release, will be integral to the series like season 1. The series witnesses Park Yoo-Na, Kang Min-ah, Jang Hye-jin, Park Ho-san, Jung Joon-ho, Im Se-mi, Kim Min-gi. The cast members will appear in the movie Kang Su-jin, Choi Soo-ah, Hong Hyun-sook, Lim Jae-Pil, Lee Joo-Heon, Lim Hee-lyung, and Lim Ju-young. This kdrama will center around a love triangle and be a romantic comedy series.

In the series, Jung Se-Yeon reel for Kang Chan-hee is Su-ho and Seo-jun’s late best friend and appears in flashbacks. If the show gets a go-green signal, then these actors will be seen dominating the screens again in return reprise of their roles.

The Plot Twist In True Beauty Season 2 Kdrama?

With the first season-ending we see, a two-year jump ahead of Ju-Kyung and Su-hos’s breakup. After graduating from Saebon High school with her friends, Ju-Kyung is preparing for her makeup career. Su-ho, who is preparing for his musical career, confesses his engraved feelings for Ju-Kyung. However, unfortunately, they will have to accept that they cannot be together.
In the second season, we see the story taking up from that breakup and check out the story’s characters living their dream careers. If there is some space for love, the characters could re-unite. However, will Ju-Kyung accept the love of Su-ho? Will they ever come together to make the reunion happen? Well, we all have to find out in true beauty kdrama season 2.

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