The Ultimate Guide on What to Bring to a Baseball Game

Baseball is the third most popular sport to watch, but it can’t be beaten when you watch it in person! If you’re heading to the ballpark for a game this summer, you want the experience to be a home run. And that’s particularly true if you’re going with friends or bringing the kids to their first ballpark outing.

But what do you need to take with you? Read on to find the ultimate guide on what to bring to a baseball game!

Carry a Clear Stadium Bag

For reasons of safety and space, many baseball stadiums limit what you can bring inside the park. While some might forbid bags of any kind, many ballparks will make some allowances within a set of rules. And one of the biggest trends is toward permitting clear bags.

As a result, one of the best tips for going to a baseball game is to invest in a small and clear bag. You can put your phone, wallet, keys, and tickets inside it. Go online to look at the stadium’s size restrictions, and then order one online a week before the game.

As a benefit, security won’t have to be too invasive when they check a clear bag. Plus it will be easy to find what you need inside. Just keep track of your bag when you head to the bathroom or concession stand, especially if it’s not one you’re used to.

Bring Your Binoculars

When it comes to baseball watching tips, another good one is to stash a pair of binoculars in your bag. This is a particularly helpful tip if your seats are in the nosebleed section. You’ll be able to catch a better view when your favorite player is up to bat.

And if you’re hoping to travel lighter next time, find out how to snag some better seats. When you buy sport tickets online, you can choose your seats to ensure the perfect view. Then you can leave the binoculars at home!

Take Your Baseball Glove

Wondering what to pack for a baseball game? Bring your baseball glove!

If you ever dabbled as a midfielder in your younger years, you probably have a glove covered in cobwebs in your garage. Soak up some nostalgia by taking it to the game.

And if you have kids, make sure they join in the fun. Start a family tradition by getting your young ones gloves that they can take to games.

You never know when a flyball or homerun will head your way. And if you’re patient and a little lucky, you might just get a player to autograph your glove for you.

Pack Some Sunscreen

Make sure sunscreen is at the top of your baseball game checklist. The risk of skin cancer goes up when you attend baseball games on sunny summer afternoons.

You’ll be better protected from the sun’s deadly UV rays if you’re armed with sunscreen. Avoid blistering sunburns and premature aging when you apply it. Don’t forget to apply it to your ears, feet, and hands, too!

Even if you apply sunscreen before heading to the stadium, you’ll need to reapply it. Games can last for 3 hours or more, and sweat or moisture can lessen your sunscreen’s effectiveness. Aim to reapply to your face and other exposed areas after about 2 hours.

Grab Your Sunglasses and Hat

Along the same lines, be sure to wear a pair of sunglasses and a hat with a brim. Sunglasses will shield your eyes from the sun. And if you have good seats on a sunny summer day, you’ll be thankful not to be squinting the whole time.

Not only will you look fashionable, but you’ll also protect yourself from the sun. Go with a full brim for maximum protection. Since windy days at the ballpark are most certainly likely, choose one with a chin strap, too.

Or keep it classic with a traditional baseball cap. Show a little support for the home team by wearing a vintage cap featuring the team logo. Or, at the very least, opt for a color scheme that aligns with the right team.

Travel with Snacks

Whether you’re allowed to bring snacks into the stadium might depend on whether you have to bring a clear bag. In other words, know that you might not be allowed to pack a bag of snack mix and a water bottle.

But if you can, bring a small tote so you can munch to your heart’s content throughout the game! You’ll save money over heading to the hotdog stand, and you’ll keep your kids satisfied.

Create a Homemade Sign

Hoping to get on television? Whether you want a glimpse of the spotlight or just hope to be a supportive face in the crowd, a homemade sign never hurts. As with anything, though, just be certain you’re allowed to bring one before investing time in a pre-game creative endeavor.

If you can bring a sign, grab some markers, and get to work! Think up a rhyme or supportive slogan of a few words that you can map out on a piece of poster board or cardboard. And write them in large, contrasting letters that could catch a television camera’s interest.

Know What to Bring to a Baseball Game

When you plan what to bring to a baseball game, you can count on having an enjoyable outing. Be sure to grab sun protection and binoculars before you head out the door. And do some research to determine if the stadium you’ll be visiting allows snacks, bags, or signs.

Find more tips to make your sports experience a winner. Check back soon for new articles!

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