The increasing dependency of teachers towards the use of Learning Management System Software to provide better support to online teaching

The concept of teaching in words learning different kinds of techniques through which it will become possible for the Teachers to undertake a strong approach and provide more support to the students. Considering the case of online education it can be stated that the following approach uses methods that are very different from offline teaching so that students can make use of all the available modern technologies and ensure that they are provided with the best possible support. It is important to understand that the concept of online teaching and offline teaching is very different. In most cases of traditional offline teaching the major sources that are used by the teachers to provide support to the students and increase the knowledge process involves the use of textbooks and reference books that are a significant part of the curriculum. Through the use of the textbooks the teachers are able to develop notes on different subjects that are used to provide guidance to the students and ensure that they are provided with better understanding of the topics being taught. In these cases the teachers can effectively make use of the blackboards to provide them with a graphical as well as diagrammatic representation and improve their understanding. However, in the case of online teaching such steps cannot be undertaken because in this method the teachers and students are communicating using a technical device and have no physical way of communicating with each other. Therefore in this case it is important that the teachers know how to make use of teaching methods that will provide better support to the students and also provide them with the ability to have much more or understanding of the subject being taught by making use of online software. One of the most used software in this case is the LMS software. The LMS full form is learning Management System software, which is specifically used by the teachers to provide support to the students as it increases the knowledge of the teachers on different kinds of teaching process that can be implemented in online classes. The teachers are required to access the element portals where they are provided with complete knowledge on the different methods of teaching that can be implemented and how it enhances the effectiveness within the classroom. The teacher also taught about the methods through which it will become possible for the Teachers to make use of graphical and diagrammatic representation by using video mode through screen sharing from different websites. Besides these factors, teachers are also taught about the implementation of modern technology such as virtual learning and augmented learning in the online classroom portal so that an interactive environment can be created. It is important to understand that the major goal of the teachers is to work towards the creation of an environment that will help in inducing a strong system of learning and curiosity among the students thereby leading to better retention of Information and better performance in the examination. Each of these aspects can be effective when the teachers make use of the LMS portal where they are able to gain access to different kinds of teaching methods and implement them in the classroom as required.

Advantages of using the learning Management System software

There are a lot of advantages present when using the learning Management System software by the teachers leading to better development and training so that the teachers can provide better support to the students. One of the first advantages that is present is the aspect of saving a lot of time and money for the teachers so that online education they are provided with an opportunity to enhance their knowledge. In the current educational landscape the following software is considered to be the most useful as it helps in providing better engagement and retention to the teachers and provides them with broad knowledge regarding different kinds of integrative teaching methods. The teachers are also provided with live demonstrations on how using modern technology can enhance the classroom environment thereby increasing the knowledge on using these methods in actual practice.



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