The Different Types of Social Media Posts Businesses Can Do

Did you know that the average person shifts between using seven different social media platforms each month?

It’s easy to look toward thriving businesses and feel that you’re incapable of having the same kinds of success. You might not realize that they’ve become successful because they know how to create great social posts.

This means that all you need to build a following is to understand the different types of social media posts that it’s possible to make. Do you want to learn more? If so, read on and we’ll tell you what’s important to know.

Posts Promoting Your Products

This is the most well-known type of social media content that businesses often make. Most businesses choose to create these kinds of posts because it’s easy to do. These are also the least imaginative kinds of posts and tend to not be effective.

There are still many situations where it’s helpful to make product posts, but you should try not to do it very often. As a rule of thumb, try not to let product posts contribute to more than ten percent of your total posting output.

Posts for Engaging Audiences

Try your best to create as many engaging posts as you can. Even though it’s not best to use them to directly promote your products and services, you can try to relate your messages to what you’re offering.

Great engagement posts take a view of the bigger picture about a certain subject. They usually focus on a message related to a brand rather than a particular product. You’ll know you’re creating effective engagement posts if they spark curiosity from viewers.

Posts Relating to Current Events and Trending Topics

People engage on social media because they want to be kept in the loop about important things that are happening in the world. This is why you’ll drive engagement to your social media marketing content if you know how to draw connections between top news stories and your business.

You should also be aware that news stories tend to be shared more often than other kinds of content. Even though it’s not necessary for these types of posts to relate to your business’s products or services, it’s a good idea to explain why you’re choosing to share them.

Promoting Blog Posts

It’s becoming more common for brands and businesses to promote their blog posts on social media. This often involves nothing more than sharing a link, a basic description, and an attention-grabbing image.

If you want to go one step further, consider writing a paragraph that explains the benefits readers will get from viewing your newest blog posts. Keep in mind that it is possible to go too far with promoting your blog posts. Try to not promote your blog posts more than twice per week.

Holding Competitions

If you’re out of ideas for how to engage your followers, consider holding a competition. In the days leading up to the event, you can create posts to get people excited about what’s about to happen. It’s a good idea to reward your followers for engaging with these promotional posts.

Once people know that your business holds worthwhile competitions, they’ll start paying attention to your marketing content on social media.

The most successful competitions are relevant to your ideal customers. This means that the prizes should be something that they value. Your goal should be to draw a clear connection between what your target audience is interested in and the types of prizes you offer.

Posts to Increase Followers

Many businesses create posts for the simple purpose of getting more followers. They might do this by re-sharing a piece of engaging content or holding a live event with various well-known guests.

These types of posts can be effective, but keep in mind that there are other ways to get social media and Instagram followers without following others.

Sharing Interesting Infographics

Infographics are becoming more popular on social media. People who learn visually are particularly drawn to these kinds of posts. This is because the brain makes sense of visual details more quickly than text.

Infographics often go viral on social media if they include lesser-known facts that viewers can instantly make sense of. To share infographics with your target audience, consider making posts that offer teaser statistics and accompany an image or video.

Those who are interested will click on the post to see the entire infographic.

Behind-the-Scenes Posts

No matter what kind of business you run, chances are that your audience will love finding out what’s happening behind the scenes. It’s an ideal strategy for those who want to humanize their businesses.

Consider making posts that profile your business’s different employees. You can create short interviews that ask simple and fun questions. Consider asking them why they love to work at your company or why they value the products or services that it offers.

Interactive Content

If you want to immerse viewers, you can’t go wrong by creating interactive content. Consider creating attention-grabbing GIFs.

You can also organize PowerPoint presentations related to subjects your target audience is interested in. Consider organizing a quiz before holding a presentation to find out what people want to know more about.

Make Use of Different Types of Social Media Posts to Get More Followers

If you’re wondering what types of social media posts businesses use, it’s important to understand the value of being diverse. The most successful businesses post many types of content. They also organize live events and host contests that offer rewards that are of value to their target audiences.

Do you want to learn more about popular types of social media posts? If so, then be sure to visit the Entertainment section of our blog.


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