The Best Loft Beds and Tips for Maximizing Space

Did you know that modular furniture full of natural elements is predicted to be one of the biggest Spring interior design trends?

Take advantage of the changing market values by investing in the space-saving furniture you need to begin enjoying your home to the fullest!

Have you always considered investing in a loft bed? Read our article to discover the best loft beds and tips for maximizing space!

Try a Fun-Sized Twin Loft Bed

Short on space? The loft bed is an ultimate weapon against cramped spaces. Twin loft beds are perfect storage solutions for small sleeping areas.

Twin mattresses are not just for children. In fact, twin mattresses now come in an XL size to accommodate lengthy adults. Take advantage of your size by maximizing the space under your new bed.

A twin loft bed can fit a small workspace underneath. This can be converted into a reading nook, or toy area depending on the age of the person sleeping there. 

Full Size Loft Bed With a Desk

Full mattresses are much more accommodating for people who crave more space. A full mattress can easily be shared or enjoyed solo. This size is perfect for those craving a large area underneath the loft.

The surface area of a full mattress can accommodate a larger workspace and reading nook. The area is large enough to incorporate a bookshelf into your design as well.

A desk is a perfect addition to this size loft bed. Depending on what size desk you desire, you can place it underneath the length or width of your bed.

Sleep High: Queen Loft Bed

Queen loft beds are divinely crafted for the noblest of sleepers. The surface area underneath the mattress is undeniably large. You can fit a variety of innovative spaces underneath this size bed frame.

Studio apartment dwellers are able to fit an entire living room under their queen loft bed. Consider adding a mini-fridge and Japanese-style dining table to create a unique bed and breakfast arrangement. 

A queen loft bed can also fit a walk-in closet underneath for fashionistas unable to find the space for their wardrobe. 

Loft Beds With Built-in Storage

Furniture manufacturers are beginning to realize the potential of built-in storage within their pieces. Loft beds are no exception to this trend. 

Finding a functional loft bed for your space does not have to be a stressful occasion. Consider purchasing a loft bed unit that has tons of storage already assembled. 

Since there are many things to consider, gathering inspiration from furniture brands that specialize in small space setups can help point you in the right direction.

Shared Rooms: Joint Loft Beds

Speaking of trends and innovations, joint loft beds are one of the newest sleeping situations to hit the market. These modular units are ideal for small rooms that are shared by two people.

These loft beds are meant to be placed in a corner. Each bed typically has its own entrance or ladder as well. Joint loft beds share an underneath area that can be turned into two desks.

Depending on the needs of the inhabitants, the loft beds can feature bookcases in place of a desk or similar storage units. The joint loft bed models feature twin mattresses.

Short Ceilings? Low Loft Beds

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have high ceilings and tons of free space in their home. If you are in this predicament then consider ordering a low loft bed!

Low loft beds are perfect for small dormitories or other rental units with short ceilings. They come in a variety of mattress sizes as well.

Although the most common sizes are twin and full mattresses, it is possible to customize a loft bed into anything you need it to be. Keep in mind that with a low loft bed you can only sit on the floor underneath.

Customize a DIY a Loft Bed

If none of the above options are right for your space then consider customizing a DIY loft bed on your own! 

Creating a personalized sleeping chamber is easier than ever thanks to free resources on the internet. You can customize each measurement and add your own personal touches along the way.

Don’t be fooled by the term, a DIY loft bed is far from low quality or cheap. In fact, creating your own bed might be more expensive in the long run. However, you will be able to create the loft bed of your dreams!

Decorating Ideas for a Loft

Lofts are a breeze to assemble, install, and decorate. Decorating a loft is much more engaging than other bed designs because you are working with multiple levels and planes. 

In terms of vertical space, you can hang plants and adornments from the top bunk. Next, you are free to decorate your horizontal desk with items that represent your personality!

Don’t forget to leave room for an entrance into your sleeping loft. The most common way to access your mattress is via a ladder. These can be a delight to decorate as well. Enjoy!

Ready to Lounge on Loft Beds?

Now you know all about the best loft beds and tips for maximizing space. Are you ready to lunge in style this season?

If so, remember that your loft bed can be fully customizable and personalized to suit your needs. Order your loft bed now to begin enjoying more of your small space.

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