Let’s Discuss About Textsheet and Its Alternatives!

Textsheet and its alternatives

Textsheet was one of the top-rated online educational web portals for students. It is the ultimate platform for school and college students who cannot do work-related assignments alone. The platform works for students who need help to complete tasks, projects, and homework related to their subject. Textsheet was considered the foremost and top website, which was regarded as a helpful educational field. It helps millions of people in their studies before they stop studying.

Textsheet heavily helped the students complete their homework and various school projects as they could not find any related and relevant topic on the internet. The platform provides excellent services to the students as per their needs and demands. You can also get correct answers and solutions to your issues and queries.

These days it’s no more difficult to find answers to assignments or homework by introducing websites like textsheets. But since textsheet no longer exists, people are left searching sites to get responses similar to textsheet solutions. If you’re a school student or college-goer and relied on textsheets for homework or assignment answers, you’ll find many websites helpful for getting replies.

Is  Textsheet Legal Or Illegal?

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, the Textsheet was one of the most trending and popular websites to get answers and solutions for your assignments and projects. The platform is used to copy the response through the website. That’s why banned by the DMCA. There are also available Alternatives to Textsheet on the internet. You can find the option in the following paragraphs.

Also, if we talk about the legal policies of the website, then continue reading. Possessing content from a different website and using them as your own on a personal platform is considered a crime in many US states. Hence, from the elaboration of the paragraph, as mentioned earlier, we can conclude that the Text Sheet website and its other alternatives are not working as a legal platform.

What Is The Reason Behind The Shutdown Of The Textsheet?

Yes, it is a fact that textsheet is not working on the digital platform to provide its services. In addition, millions of students and college goers all over the world depend on the website. The final means of receiving assignments are done, and we solve problems within a short period. Students who were regular users of the platform thought that the web portal server got down when they could not access the website and operate it properly. This is why the Textsheet website has been taken down.

In addition, the platform is no more extended running on digital media and has been discontinued due to some copyright issues claimed by Chegg. It is one of the most similar and quite similar content on the platform. The web portal started providing Chegg answering services to get more visitors to their website. Those who are confused about “what happened to the Textsheet” can find the answer here. The DMCA issued a copyright infringement and filed a case against the website, and the platform no longer exists on the internet.

Is It Safe To Use Alternatives Of Textsheet?

As you know, the textsheet website is considered the last area for students who want to get help with their assignments and homework. But the website is not working correctly due to being banned by DMCA for the last few years. In addition, users don’t have to worry that they can get the solution again. Because there are many alternative websites available, one can choose to solve their issues. They can pick any link from the comprehensive list and get the job done through that.

Nonetheless, the website acts as the best Alternative to the textsheet and allows students to post their answers and syllabus on the zone. You can make huge money from these options. It also provides the services of tutors. This is why most people considered these options the best for getting an education from the best servers.

The Ultimate Alternative To Textsheet Website

If You’re Looking for an alternative to textsheet, you are suggested to pay attention to the below-mentioned points. Here you’ll find the vast options you can use on textsheet to do your work and complete your college assignments and school projects. Here are textsheet alternatives in 2021 that you can refer to when you need answers to your school or college assignments:

1. Chegg

Website: https://www.slader.com

Considered to be the most popular Alternative. The platform provides services and answers to you for anything and everything. It has been present on the digital platform for more than 20 years and has a tremendous collection of questions and answers. One can download the mobile application from the Play Store and App Store free of cost.

1.Free Trial1.Issues With Cancellation
2.Verified Answers Provided2.Customer Support Needs Improvement
3.Affordable Price3.Accounts Are Frequently Suspended Or “Flagged”
4.24/7 Homework Help Available

2. School solver

Website: https://www.schoolsolver.com

This is another most prominent website that acts like a textsheet and provides all types of questions and answers. You can get the solution of all your issues useful for the students. The website is also acted as a work provider. If you are a tutor, you can earn well from this platform as well. You can get answers to every assignment and assignment.

1.Maths Question Solver1.Monthly Subscription
2.Buy, Rent Book
3.Sample Research Papers Are Available

3. Slader

Website: https://www.slader.com

Slader is the last feature that is available in the text sheet option. It is also considered as the best textsheet Alternative, which is based on the USA syllabus. It is one of the top and priority options for USA students to get their assignments and projects. The website is serving students across the world with a wide range of answers and tutors. The user interface of the zone is also simple.

1.Free App1.The Free Version Has Ads
2.Has Complete Solutions Of Every Subject2.Monthly Subscription For Depth Help
3.The Paid Version Has No Ads

4. Course Hero

Website: https://www.coursehero.com/

website is the ultimate resource for providing solutions to over 30 million students. The web portal is known as the best or hero for giving quick answers to all the frequently asked questions and queries. The most prominent and highlight thing about the website is that the students and teachers can also upload the question and forces answer globally.

1.Free App1.Overcrowded With Bulk Information
2.Research Papers Are Available
3.Get Paid For Uploading Files

5. Studylib

Website: https://studylib.net

Another great alternative to the restricted textsheet website is a book collection of solved assignments and questions and answers. The platform allows you to download and store the document on your device for free. Individuals can read details about subjects like Science, Mathematics, Social Science, Geography and many more. Students can learn about Internet and Technology Business Management studies on the platform the topic is covered.

1.Free To Use1.Login Required
2.It Covers Almost Every Subject
3.Download Function Available

6. PaperHelp

Website: https://www.paperhelp.org

PaperHelp has been a student’s paper help platform since 2008. It is considered a reliable and reliable textsheet alternative for students. Not only do you find out about animal schools and colleges, but the web portal also provides research paper writing services.

1.Get Sample Of Paper1.Paid Service
2.Essay Writing
3.Online Courses

7. Coursera

Website: https://www.coursera.org

If you love using the user interface of Textsheet, then this platform is the right place for you. For a similar user interface and text answer, you go for Coursera. It was established back in 2012, and the main objective behind the services is to provide easy access and the best education services.

1.Accredited University Degrees1.Prior Knowledge
2.Free Courses2.Confusing Pricing
3.Tuition Cost
4.Quality Of Courses
5.Learn Offline

8. SparkNotes

Website: https://www.sparknotes.com

Sparknotes was introduced by students long ago, in 1999. It is the most popular and trending option, which works excellent for textsheet Alternative. You can get a good number of courses and a guide on various topics from the platform.

1.Free App1.Overcrowded With Bulk Information
2.It Covers Specific Courses For College
3.Research Papers Are Available

9. Quizlet

Website: https://quizlet.com

Quizlet is the ultimate solution for users who want to complete their assignments. The user interface of the platform serves 50 million students in 130 countries. It also has the ultimate database with the number of assignments where you will find more than 300 study assignments on the rule.

1.Free Of Cost1.Login Required
2.Dynamic Site With Search Feature
3.Download Function Available

10. Crazy for Study(SFS)

Website: https://www.crazyforstudy.com

Crazy for Study (SFS) have a vast collection of over 50 million books on their website. It is recommended as the most reputed and best choice for the website. You can cover topics such as math, physics, and computer science in the field. Australian students can also view books that their institutions and universities have zoned.

1.Buy, Rent Book1.Monthly Subscription
2.Online Courses
3.Maths Question Solver


In the above paragraph, we have explained the reason for the closure of the Textsheet website. If you still want to get help with your assignment, you can find detailed information about the best textsheet alternatives and available selections of replacements. There are sound options listed in the paragraph. You can explore any one of them and use it for your work and projects. People can also learn about the legality policy and the safety of using the options in this vital work without any hassle.

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