Importance of Computers in Our Daily Life


Computers have become incredibly important in today’s world since they are extremely accurate, speedy, and capable of doing a wide range of activities. Otherwise, manually completing such duties would take a significant amount of time. It can also perform extremely difficult calculations in a few seconds. It is also used to store a big amount of data.

Role Of Computer In Our Daily Life

Computers are becoming an everyday occurrence. Computers have built a highly effective information system to aid in the organization’s management. It can be claimed that all large enterprises, whether government or private, use computers for a range of daily tasks, and it is one of the world’s fastest expanding industries today. Each company has one or more major computer systems as well as several microcomputers. The system is an excellent computer for data processing activities; however, other inexpensive microcomputers may be used for word processing.

Computers’ Importance in our lives is to utilize software applications with the help of computer devices to store, access, manipulate, calculate, and analyze data and information. All of our daily activities rely on online services and goods that are only accessible through computers.

Role Of Computer In Business

Computers are one of the most widely used tools in the corporate world. Small businesses now use computers as well, thanks to the availability of low-cost microcomputers. A large number of facts and numbers must now be processed by business entities. Many firms have begun to use computers to calculate salaries, identify goods sold and still in stock, and create and transmit or receive company statements, letters, and invoices, among other things.

The use of computers and office technology to aid other managers, clerks, and office automation management are all mentioned. One of them is a word processing sort of electronic approach that allows us to quickly create and edit letters, reports, documents, and other types of work. Many offices produce standard letters, such as balance payment letters, invitations, and so on. Local business groups can also utilize computers to generate, save, and deliver envoys to specific locations. The benefits of using computers in this area are undeniably essential in a company setting.

Role of Computers in Legal Field

In recent years, computers have been used in the legislative process. The production of documents with a word processor is the most important usage of the most important. The use of computer accounting legislation also involves processing to generate weekly and monthly reports, retain payment records, keep a journal for the most up-to-date attorney information on various court procedures, and keep user records. Due to the complexity of this sector, it is necessary to obtain the necessary information from a law journal, an important case, a scale, and statistics, or important decisions in order to decide to retain a legal data bank.

Role of Computers in entertainment

It is now possible to program the computer to play music. Places of amusement with computer- controlled music are less expensive and available at any time. Computers are also used to organize dance and music performances. Every game necessitates mobility. A careful investigation of a physical system is the best way to determine movement. Computers can also be configured to display high-quality graphics. Using a computer to draw speeds up the creation process. In comparison to traditional Kedah, the piece of art can be completed and reviewed in a short period of time. Computer-generated cartoon films have become extremely popular.

Role Of Computer In Education

Computers are actively employed in education to improve the quality and outcomes of learning. Teachers can create lesson plans using audio, video, and graphics aids over the computer. Teachers may easily deliver multimedia presentations, which are ideal for interactive participate teaching.

There are two ways to incorporate computer technology into the classroom:

  1. Word processors, spreadsheets, programming languages, and electronic network systems are examples of such instruments.
  2. As integrated learning systems that present assignments for students to work on individually and keep track of their progress for reporting purposes.

In the teaching and learning process, computers play a significant role. The computer may be used to teach and learn in playing form, as well as to teach drawing to the children. The use of Computers in schools has and will continue to play an important part in-class presentations, as well as communication and information.

Benefit Of Computer To Students

A computer enables teachers to quickly enter grades and student information into systems that calculate percentages and scores accurately. Both teachers and students must learn how to utilize a computer to gather information and disseminate ideas.

Advantages Of Computer In Education

  • Convenience – A student’s life has been made much easier thanks to the usage of computers.
  • Student performance has improved.
  • Access to research and information on time.
  • Online materials are available.
  • Efficiency has improved.
  • Information regarding admissions.
  • Schedules for studying.
  • Opportunities are better.

Disadvantage Of Computer

Disadvantages of computer are listed below:-

  • Problems with the technology – Technical faults can pose serious problems in online learning courses or classes that require network connectivity.
  • Handwriting and Spelling Skills
  • Cheating
  • Financial difficulties
  • Students’ physical health may suffer if they spend too much time on computers.
  • If students’ computer stations aren’t designed or sized properly, they develop the risk of repetitive strain injuries.
  • Children’s eyesight can also be harmed by gazing at a computer screen for long periods.


The current pattern of life has been altered by the rapid advancement of science and technology. Everything that was previously done manually, such as processing, acquiring information, or any other component of the many domains that poses a significant risk, must be made more effective, faster, and practical through the application or use of information technology or computer.

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