How to Find the Best Crypto Wallet Apps of 2022

Do you want a safe place to store your crypto investments?

Security is your primary focus since a single misstep can cost your entire fortune. For example, a compromised exchange caused people to lose millions in crypto.

To keep your investments safe, consider covering your bases. One of the primary aspects you can improve is your crypto wallet app. Read on as we discuss some reputable choices.


If you want a secure Bitcoin wallet, consider using this application. It allows you to find the nearest Bitcoin ATM for your crypto-buying needs.

ByteWallet comes from, meaning you can use their ATMs for two-way transactions—buying and selling Bitcoin.

You can use your ByteWallet app to log into ByteFederal’s kiosk safely and securely. Its transactions are peer-to-peer, immutable, and secure. After all, you can access the Lightning Network—a fast Bitcoin highway offering instant transfers.


Do you want a beginner-friendly crypto wallet app? Coinbase is a decent choice due to its intuitive design and high security. The latter is possible since well-known exchanges back them up.

The app could connect to various bank accounts and support over 500 crypto assets. It includes digital collectibles like non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


Bitcoin’s high price made it a desirable target for various cybercriminals. If you’re investing in Bitcoin, you want the best crypto wallet app for security.

Electrum is a good choice since it’s one of the most renowned crypto wallets nowadays. It’s one of the few remaining apps dealing exclusively in Bitcoin. As such, expect its features to excel in protecting this currency.

The wallet has tight security features while offering flexibility in transactions. The higher transaction fees you pay, the faster it concludes. The best part is its server has little to no downtime due to its configuration.


This crypto wallet is desirable for mobile devices due to its strong security focus. It also offers advanced transaction history information, making it easier to detect discrepancies.

Like Electrum, Mycelium offers custom transaction fees. It has four recommended levels:

  • Low priority
  • Normal
  • Economic
  • Priority

Aside from custom costs, you can also pick across various user account types for more flexibility.


Exodus excels as a crypto wallet app for desktop computers. It’s easy to use and has a visually appealing interface. However, its main feature is the number of supported assets. It includes both popular altcoins and meme coins.

However, if you want Exodus on your mobile phone, the app has iOS and Android versions. You can also use it with Trezor wallets.

Get the Best Crypto Wallet App Now

These are some best crypto wallet app options in the market. Protect your cryptocurrency assets from hackers and other cybercriminals through these applications.

However, it’s only a facet of your crypto protection strategy. Learn other best practices when investing in cryptocurrency to avoid getting compromised.

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