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Coolmoviesz is the best movie downloading site out there. When we talk about movie piracy sites, coolmoviesz stands in the Top 10 of the list. This is because the content on the site is universal and meant for everyone. The site does not have any adult content in the form of movies, web series, or even advertisements on the sites.  Get access to thousands of films and web series that will blow your mind. 

On coolmoviesz, nothing is boring or of low quality. The content you get to access is available in HD quality and premium entertainment. The latest web series, newly released movies, south Indian dubbed movies, and international content is available on the site. Everything you want is available on this site, free of cost. The best part of using this site is that there is no restriction on the content here.

Please note that coolmoviesz movies are an illegal piracy site. This means that any content you download from this site is unauthorized. Downloading from piracy sites is a punishable offense. You may have to pay a fine or go through imprisonment for such an act. Therefore coolmoviesz or any such movie downloading site should be used through a VPN only. Protection and privacy is the first and foremost point. 

Why choose coolmoviesz 2022 Telugu movies to download?

Coolmoviesz is not your usual movies downloading site. It is the most reliable movie downloading site that you will ever come across. It is the best Telugu movies 2022 downloading site with loads of content. Telugu movies, Tamil movies, Malayalam movies, and Kannada movies. All the south dubbed movies in the latest HD quality is available on the site. Therefore this site is rated among the top 10 movie downloading and streaming sites.

For Telugu movies coolmoviesz by far is the best considered. Download the best of south Indian dubbed movies like Bahubali 2, Nenokkadine, vishwaroopam, Vikram vedha, eega, Bombay (1995), and more for absolutely free.  The best movies on coolmoviesz just get better when it is available in 480p, 720p, and 1080p quality. With this site, the part is that you do not have to accept any cookies by which your site activity can get tracked.

Choosing coolmoviesz is the better option because here you get all types of content. Download web series, Hindi movies, Hollywood dubbed movies, and south dubbed movies. A fan of international entertainment? Watch amazing Turkish web series, Korean dramas, Chinese web series, English dubbed movies, and more for free. One thing about this site is that you can download as many movies as you wish to.

Don’t understand Telugu? No worries, because to enjoy movies, you don’t need language! The best movies in dubbed format are always available. Download all south Indian movies with your regional language subtitles and audios. Play them along with the video with compatible media players are you are good to go. It is that simple to download or stream movies from coolmoviesz.

Download free and unlimited coolmoviesz 2022 Telugu hits download

The name coolmoviesz Telugu hits 2022 might sound a little misleading. Many people think that coolmoviesz is only a site for downloading Tamil or Telugu movies and not other types of content. This is simply not true. On this site, you can get the best of movies from homeland dramas to international movies. The best movies in foreign languages like turkey, Romania, Istanbul, Korea, China, and more. Everything you want is on this site. 

Along with the best of Telugu movies, you can get the latest web series like Rudra, Whistleblower, decoupled, Mai, and many more movies and series.  On this site, there is no restriction on the number of movies that you download. Viewers can surf and download any number of movies that they want. There are many links to every movie that is there on coolmoviesz. One can download movies in 320p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p from the site for free.

Unlimited movies are a must for everyone. Imagine you are in the middle of downloading your favorite movie and then only there is a popup. The popup says the limit to movie downloading is exceeded. How will it be for you? Frustrating and irritating right? No movie piracy site easily gives access to movies downloading in unlimited amounts. But on coolmoviesz, when it comes to downloads, the sky is the limit.

Direct download links and torrents both are available for download. Now the question is, will the download take time? Since the movies can be downloaded easily using torrent links, the speed of downloading is fast and secure. Unlimited movies on coolmoviesz are just a click away. The latest movies are all available on this site and are available for months and weeks. There is no tracking of personal data on this site which makes it even more reliable.

HD 1080p coolmoviesz Telugu 2021 download 

For a situation where you are ready with your popcorn, downloaded movie, and family members or friends. You are all set to start the movie, and then you realize that the movie is of the worst quality. How will that ruin your mood and all the setting? Unfortunately, that is the worst setting that one has to go through. Not having HD movies is the biggest problem with most piracy sites. Usually, for getting more clicks, many movie piracy sites will name the links at HD.

It does not matter whether the movies are available in HD or not. Sometimes naming the movies as HD is just a tactic to get more clicks. In reality, these movies can go as low as 320p. On coolmoviesz, the policy of trust and honesty is the only way of gaining popularity. The site does not portray anything fake. The movies that are available in HD are only names in so. Others are shown with the same quality at which they are on the site.

Telugu hits, superhit Tamil hits, Kannada hits, Hindi movies, Hollywood dubbed movies. Latest Korean web series, Turkish web series, Korean drama movies, Chinese web series, and more. Everything is just a search and click away on this site. On coolmoviesz, the quota of entertainment should never expire. Therefore the site is refreshed with the latest videos, trailers, news updates, and content every week.  No stale movies or web series. Only fresh content every week with A+ ratings. On this site content is free for download and available for the same in unrestricted quantity. 

Unlimited free movies download coolmoviesz

There is so much content on coolmoviesz that you will get tired of downloading but the list won’t stop. On this site download as many movies as you want. Download free movies as many as you want in the best quality. You must wonder if free and unlimited movies on the site are available for everyone? That is correct. The movies are available for all. Whether you want kids’ special movies or ladies’ special.

Movies for action lovers, fans of thrillers, drama lovers, or romance lovers. The movies are in plenty and for all. The movie site maintains good content for all masses. Since it is a site for everyone, no adult movie is there on the site. Coolmoviesz has movies that are universally rated and kids rated. The movies comprise all categories and genres. Right from anime to drama, to romance web series to action-filled series, there is nothing one would not like on coolmoviesz.

Unlimited and free movies are all loaded on the site. On many legal sites also, not all the content is available for free and unlimited access. Premium channels and OTT platforms have subscription fees that are not affordable for everyone. Even if the episode is available, it is available one or two episodes a day. Which is not fair on the part of movie lovers. Therefore piracy sites like coolmoviesz have content from everyone.

All you have to do is search for the music videos or movies that you want to watch. Next up, you will find some results which are nearest to them. Click on the link and find the variations in quality. Click on the link that you would want to download and then put it on background download. Once the movie is on download, it will get saved on the system you have put it on download over.

Torrent sites movies download coolmoviesz 2021

Downloading movies from torrent is the simplest thing that you can do. Because downloading from torrents is super easy and fast, everyone prefers them. On torrents, one can download movies and upload them in great HD quality. Best quality movies usually come to compress on these links. Another reason why downloading from torrents is a good thing is because of safety.

Downloading from torrent is super simple. But for downloading movies through torrent, having a compatible torrents downloader is also needed. There are many sites like bit torrent, and Utorrent that are great torrent links downloaders. The torrent links come combined with subtitles and audio formats which can be changed when viewing the movies. This is another profit of using torrent links. 

Torrent links are available for download in any quality. Whether you download movies in 320p, 720p, or 1080p. Download movies and web series from drama, romance, suspense, thriller, and killer genres for no fees or subscription. Therefore all over privacy movie downloading sites, and torrents are so famous and popular. Downloading from them requires no extra setup.

However, there is one thing to note. Piracy sites usually are not reliable at all times. Many piracy sites can steal your system’s data if not used with protection. In such situations using a VPN could be of great profit. VPN can hide the system’s IP address and also change the location of the system. This way the data of the system cannot be hacked or stolen easily. It is important that before taking up any VPN service, its reliability of the same is checked.

Not every VPN is good for use. Many would charge heavy subscriptions based on the country and plan you choose. But in the long run, they are great. Since you can access any number of blocked sites with a VPN they are useful in accessing piracy movie downloading sites.

Is coolmoviesz. in and coolmoviesz Telugu 2021 same sites

When it comes to downloading movies,  many people are confused between the two domains light of and coolmoviesz. in.  Although both the domain site look similar they are two different entities belonging to different authorized companies.  Many types on the internet have the same domain name as coolmoviesz Telugu 2021.  Since it is a very popular movie downloading site and people love streaming content online, many have designed their sites for movie download in the same domain name.

 However the original one is which has the latest and HD quality movies,  with new Tamil hits, Telugu hits, Malayalam hits, Bhojpuri hits, South Indian hits, web series, Romance, trailer, action, comedy, horror, and latest crime film available.  All this is available on this site is absolutely for free.  there are much different domain names for the same movies on what side and some of them are mentioned below.

 Some of the domain names that you will find in the name of movies wood are, and coolmoviesz. in, apk,  movies, movies,,,,,,,,,,,,, coolmoviesz.MX, coolmoviesz.nn, coolmoviesz. us,, These are similar sites where the latest video content is available for everyone. Download HD quality content for these sites and enjoy watching the video.

Coolmoviesz 2022 is an illegal piracy site. The movies and web series that are uploaded on this site are legally not acceptable. This is because, on every piracy site, movies are recorded and uploaded. However such piracy sites have an added advantage over other legal sites. Many movie downloading and web series legal sites like SonyLiv, MX Player, Hotstar, Voot Premium, and more are subscription-based OTT platforms.

These platforms are premium and serve original content to their viewers. The largest and most popular OTT platform known, Netflix is the first OTT platform, that hit big in the field of entertainment. Similar to its idea, the above-mentioned platforms started their features and subscription-based premium movies services. Many times, these premium sites allow only one episode per day for viewing if one does not have a yearly or monthly subscription. 

Coolmoviesz has the most premium content that is available for free and unlimited. Most of these movies have different quality download links. One can download movies in 320p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p HD quality.  Download the best of Tamil dubbed movies, Telugu dubbed movies, Malayalam dubbed movies, south Indian superhits movies, Hindi movies English dubbed movies, and more. Download the best web series like Rudra, Euphoria, Decoupled, Whistleblower, and much in excellent HD quality.

The best part about all this is that, unlike other legal platforms, there is no subscription model. You do not have to pay anything on the site for downloading one movie or ten movies like that. Get the best of premium quality content and web series for no extra charges. Since it is a piracy site, many use it with a VPN service. 

How to use VPN for movie download coolmoviesz?

VPN is an abbreviation for virtual private networks. These networks protect the real IP address and location of a device. Since movie piracy sites like coolmoviesz allow viewers to download on any device, protection is a must for them. Large files of movies can be downloaded on personal computers and android devices like smartphones, and tablets. It also supports IOS devices and Mac devices. Therefore it is a great site which fits compatible with every device type.

Since downloading from movie piracy sites is illegal, if one gets caught in its activities, it can lead to punishment. The punishable offense, of movie piracy, can be imprisonment and also have fine implications. Therefore VPNs should be available on the downloading device. One can select any country for changing location and depending on the service subscription one can download any number of movies. 

There are many VPN services like Nord VPN, touch VPN, and others that are great VPN services. There are many advantages of using VPNs. Some of them are, being able to access restricted sites in other countries. Suppose there is a site in your country which is illegal and does not load. Using a VPN can get loaded on your device. In the same way, many piracy sites are unblocked using VPN services.

VPNs are also great at blocking sites that are not good for your system. All in all VPN services are excellent for use when wanting to surf the internet of piracy sites like coolmoviesz for downloading videos and trailers. Download the best of indie movies, old gems, English dubbed movies, Hollywood action movies, Turkish romance movies, Chinese movies, Korean movies, and more for free.

How to download movies from coolmoviesz 2021?

Downloading movies from coolmoviesz is extremely simple. Just enter on any of the web browsers that you use. After entering the search, if you are not able to see the website, then activate the VPN service that you may have. Many times, due to the piracy site being blocked, one is not able to see it. After activating the VPN, you will be able to access the site.

Once you open the movies downloading site, search for videos or movies in the search bar provided on the site. Enter the movie name and look for the search results. Once you enter a movie name, you will find movie updates, news, music video, and trailers related to it. Click on the link you are interested in. Open the link and click on the download quality link. For a trailer or a movie, you will have many download links.

Download links will be available in 320p, 720p, and 1080p HD quality. Click on the download quality link. Once you click on the download link, the file will start downloading. If the link is a direct download link type, then it will start downloading automatically. If the link is torrent-based, then it will not open up. One should have a torrent downloading compatible applications for the same. Once you have that, download and torrent the site using the application.

The torrent links come with subtitles, audio versions, and more for any dubbed movie. The download quality and other details are provided on the link itself. Easy download using torrent applications and VPNs is very simple. On coolmoviesz downloading the best of Hollywood movies, Hindi movies, trailers, Malayalam movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies, and Kannada movies are super simple and smooth.


Downloading movies from piracy sites can be a pain. But when using, service is like butter flow. Download the best of all types of content for unrestricted. Get Telugu movies, Malayalam dubbed movies, latest release movies Runway 34, Gangubai Kathiawadi, RRR Tamil movie, and Salute Malayalam movies. Download web series like decoupled, euphoria Season 2, whistleblower, Rudra, IPL highlights, and more from coolmoviesz. Get the best of entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment for free and in unlimited quantity.

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