Components of electric scooters?

How does it work?

When the rider uses the throttle , electric signals go from the throttle through wires to the controller which instructs the battery to release electric energy to one or two motors in the wheels. The motor transforms that energy into a movement of the wheels on the scooter.

Components of electric scooters?

  1. Handlebar
  2. Stem 
  3. Folding latch
  4. Hub Motor in wheel
  5. Charging port 
  6. Battery 
  7. Deck 
  8. Fender
  9. Broke 
  10. Rear light
  11. Tire
  12. Wheel


Electric scooter battery packs are made up of many individual cells that are assembled together.

Batteries are the gas tank of an electric scooter. They store the energy that is consumed by the electric motor and other accessories including light.

Most have lithium-ion battery cells though some electric scooter have lead acid batteries.

Batteries rated in watt- hours abbreviated which is a measure of their capacity .


A quality braking system, such as the disc brake picture above, is essential for staying safe and in control while riding an electric scooter.

Mechanical brake systems are those that rely on a physical mechanism to slow the scooter down and are: disc, drum, and foot brakes.

Many scooters will have a combination of both electronic and mechanical braking systems. For safety reasons, we recommend scooters that have at least two braking systems in case one fails.


The speed controller is an electronic component buried deep inside of the sähköskootteri.  that controls the flow of current from the battery to the motor. They typically look like rectangular metal cans with many wires coming out of them. The metal enclosure serves as a heat sync. The controller receives inputs from the accelerator and (electronic) brake controls and translates that into a current that is sent to the motor.

Controllers are one of the most under-appreciated parts of the electric scooter because they quietly do their job most of the time. They can be a huge source of headache (or make the scooter unsafe) when things go wrong.  On some poorly designed scooters controllers are known to fail or malfunction.


Most decks have some type of textured finish that provides better grip between your shoes and the scooter.  Some scooters, like the Rev pictured above, have a sloped deck that gives you more space to place your feet.

The typical scooter deck size is 14″ by 5″ inches and gives a few inches of ground clearance.


The handlebars are your main connection with the scooter. They are fitted with all the controls, including the accelerator, brakes, speed/settings display, and power buttons.

The most portable sähköskootteri will have folding handlebars that greatly reduce their width and get the scooter down to a very transportable and storable size. 


Swag and deck lighting are good for increasing visibility and cool factor of your scooter, but no substitute for powerful headlight and taillights.

Unfortunately, many electric scooters have sorrowfully weak lights. This is why we nearly always recommend additional lighting for safely riding at night.


Electric motors are rated based on their power consumption which is express in units of watts.  More powerful motors will have greater wattage.

An average electric scooter, like the Mi M365 will have a 250 watt motor; an intermediate scooter like the Horizon will have a 500 watt motor; extreme performance scooters, like the Wolf Warrior will have dual 1200 watt motors.


Nearly every scooter has a folding mechanism built into the stem to allow easy carrying and storage. In our e-scooter reviews, we often spend a lot of time focusing on this unsuspecting part. Yet, this is for good reason.  The folding mechanism can be difficult work or worse it can be loose or unstable.  When you apply force to the handlebars, you’ll notice the whole stem rocking back and fourth — a condition we call stem wobble. This is one of the huge downsides to folding electric scooters.


There are three main types of suspension systems that are typically found on electric scooters: spring, hydraulic or air piston, and rubber suspension.  Scooters with the best suspension will have some combination of spring and piston — a combination called coil-over-hydraulic or coil-over-air.

Many scooters forgo suspension in favor of large pneumatic tires that provide damping effects.  Large pneumatic tires can offer a better form of suspension that cheap spring suspensions.


Tires give you traction to accelerate or brake in an emergency. Airless tires, like those pictured above, do not perform as well as pneumatic tires.

Tires are your connection to the road and influence ride quality, traction, range, and braking performance of your electric kick scooter. 

Tires come in basically two types: pneumatic (airfilled) and airless. There are a few varieties of airless tires and these include: honeycomb, polymer-filled, and solid.

We always recommend pneumatic tires because they give better ride quality (with or without suspension) and their supple rubber performs much better in adverse road conditions.


Advantages in India:

  1. Minimum running cost 
  2. Eco-friendly
  3. Lightweight 
  4. Less noise 
  5. Storage space

Best scooter and model price in India with battery timing:

ModelPrice Charging time
Ather 450X£1,32,4265 hours
Revolt RV 4001294634.5 hours
Ola S1 pro1,10,1496.5 hours
Bajaj Chetak1,47,7755 hours



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