Everything You Need to Know About Boku no pico

Boku no pico

Boku no pico, the Japanese anime was the most popular of them all in the 2000s. The series has managed to collect a response that is an amalgamation of a lot of critics. Boku no pico is translate to shotacon. Shotacon is an abbreviation for Shotaro complex, wherein the older male is attract to younger males.

Boku no pico anime covers this genre in the showcase of adolescent males in a manner that objectifies them. There have been a lot of animes, but none into the genre of Boku no pico. It was obvious for such a genre anime to undergo the hatred response it underwent since its release. Find out everything about this adult series right here!

What is Boku no pico all about?

A Japanese-based anime series is predominantly an adult series. The series has managed to bag a lot of awards, due to its audience engagement. Boku no pico targets male audiences only, and in the Japanese language, it means my pico. This popular series is create by natural high. This series falls under the mentioned genre due to its story. The series deals with 3 young boys and the attraction of other male figures in the anime towards them.

The three boys pico, chico, and coco can be seen in this shotacon series. The series was invest in portraying negatively Boku no pico in vulgar images of children and had objectionable elements. It seemed mostly like hentai, a form of anime, and managa was obsessively sexual. Folks wonder, what this series is actually all about. The entire series is based on 3 episodes altogether.

Genre and story of Boku no pico:

Predominantly the genre of Boku no pico is based on shotacon and hentai and the complete series is direct by director Katsuyoshi Yatabe. Many who realize the creator of this series later were surprise; the fact being that he is the same person who created Full Metal Alchemist. The producer of this series is Seiji Kaneko. Ashimagi ora gives music to the series and the series was release on 7th September in 2006. The complete run time of the movie is about 33 minutes.

Only after the release of the series, manga was create which is base on anime called the Ame no Hi no Pico to Chico which was written by Aoi Madoka. The second episode of the series after the release of the first one gained a lot of popularity on screen. Written by Katsuyoshi Yatabe, kids and adults cannot watch the series, as it’s an adulted. The storyline is censored and not fit for children under age 18. The release of the second episode was on 19th April 2007. This episode is lengthen 38 minutes.

The third episode is name my little summer story and has the same music director, story writer, and producer. The producer Seiji Kaneko is behind the flashes and is penned by Katsuhiko Takayama. The writer of this series gets immense fame and popularity. The release date of this episode is estimate at 30 minutes. This episode is follow by the next episode of the series, which is the 4th episode. The director and entire production team for this episode also remain the same.

Why has Boku no pico attracted negativity?

Most of the folks who have watched the series have developed a sense of hatred and negativity towards it. The main reason being the portrayal of the show which hurts the sentiments of certain groups. Some of the major reasons for such a response received by the series are:

  • The series has no definite plot and was release across 3 years with only one of two episodes releasing every year. Every episode had strong graphics and showed excessive sexual content.
  • The anime depict elements of paedophilia wherein aged males were attract to young boys. Tamotsu, a worker at Bebe seduces Pico mistaking him for a girl. Even after knowing that he is a boy, Tamotsu uses unethical force on him.
  • The excessive and unnecessary amount of sexual content shown in the show is triggering. Especially the non-sexual content makes watching the series a cringe. Not to mention, this promotes more rape culture and is responsible for unmannerly behavior.
  • There is a highly unrealistic portrayal of character and their relations. Moreover, there is no development seen throughout the series when it comes to characters.
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