6 Reasons to Buy Solar Panels for Your Home

Despite many industries struggling in the midst of the pandemic, the solar power industry grew 37% in the United States in 2020. Compared to the last 5 years, market analysts expect to see solar power installation rise 42% for 2021-2025.

More people than ever are turning to solar power in the United States. But, why? And, if so many other people are considering solar, should you?

If you’ve ever wanted to buy solar panels for your home but haven’t known if it’s a good idea, this post can help you. Read on to learn 6 good reasons to buy home solar panels.

1. Immediately Saves Money

The most obvious benefit of buying solar panels is the immediate decrease in your electricity bills. With proper maintenance, your solar panels should work to save you money for 25+ years.

The amount of money you’ll save each month depends on the:

  • Number of panels you have
  • Amount of energy your household uses
  • Amount of sun your location receives

Even if your solar panels don’t offset your electricity costs 100%, you’ll still have extra money in your pocket each month.

2. Quickly Returns on Investment

When talking about return on investment, the ideal would be a big financial return in a short payback period. Although different for each customer depending on the number of panels and installation costs, most kinds of solar panels have a 3 to 6 year payback period.

3. Potential Tax Advantages

In addition to quickly paying themselves back, there are many state and federal programs to provide tax incentives for harnessing solar energy options. There are advantages both for homeowners and business owners. The Federal Solar Tax Credit can cover 26% of a solar energy system’s cost.

4. Makes An Environmental Impact

When you buy solar panels, you contribute to a more sustainable world. The efficiency rates of solar panels are greater compared to traditional energy sources. That means as more people switch to solar, exponentially less environmentally damaging traditional electricity methods will be needed.

5. Stability of Costs

In the past 10 years, electricity costs have grown over 70%, and they’re still rising. This makes for difficulty when budgeting from year to year.

Imagine the ease of budgeting your energy costs with solar. Set it and forget it for the next 25 years! Go to sunnyenergysolar.com to learn more about solar panel pricing options as you work on your budget.

6. Increase Property Value

According to the American Association of Appraisers, a home with solar panels has a greater market value than a house without them. If you know you’re going to sell your home in the next 5 to 10 years, consider solar panels an investment that benefits you now and at resale time.

Don’t Wait To Buy Solar Panels

This array of benefits shows why solar is a great idea for your home. Don’t delay, the time to buy solar panels is now!

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