5 Neat ‘The Shining’ Trivia Facts You May Not Know

Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece, The Shining, is considered one of the greatest horror films of all time. The surreal atmosphere of the Overlook Hotel, the building menace of Jack Nicholson’s performance–it’s the stuff of legend.

The film has garnered a loyal fan community over the years, and these fans have unearthed all kinds of interesting facts about the production of their favorite film.

Whether you’re a lover of horror movies or a devotee of the brilliant Kubrick, it’s worth knowing The Shining trivia. Keep reading to learn five fascinating behind-the-scenes tidbits about this classic piece of cinema.

1. Stephen King Doesn’t Like It

Even though he wrote the book, famed horror author Stephen King is not a fan of The Shining movie. His main complaint involves its star, Jack Nicholson, who King feels does a poor job of portraying Jack Torrance.

In the novel, Jack Torrance is a conflicted, tragic figure who is slowly driven insane by the Overlook’s ghosts. King felt that Nicholson’s version of the character is a one-dimensional villain from his very first scene.

2. It Spawned Conspiracy Theories

Stanley Kubrick had a reputation for being a perfectionist. Some fans think he was so particular because he used his films to send secret messages to his audience.

Some fans believe that The Shining is, in fact, a confession from Stanley Kubrick. They point to various scenes as evidence that Kubrick is admitting to having helped fake the moon landing.

3. Danny Lloyd Didn’t Know It Was Scary

While Jack Torrance is the focal point of The Shining, the hero is arguably his young son, Danny, portrayed by Danny Lloyd. One might expect the set of a horror film to be a frightening place for a child actor, but not in this case.

The cast and crew took great pains to protect Danny Lloyd from getting scared on set. He didn’t even realize he’d made a horror film until he was older–even seeing the terrifying The Shining twins didn’t tip him off!

4. What Hedge Maze?

Here’s a fun bit of horror movie trivia: the famous hedge maze from the film’s climax doesn’t exist in the book. The Shining novel has moving hedge animals instead of a maze.

As a side note, Kubrick and many other crew members got lost in the maze during filming.

5. Fire on the Set

Toward the end of the filming of The Shining movie, many of the Overlook Hotel sets caught fire. Many of the sets were destroyed in the flames, leading to a well-known picture of Kubrick standing in front of the wreckage.

Humorously, the original novel ends with the Overlook burning to the ground–something that the movie version omits.

Impress Your Friends With The Shining Trivia

Everybody loves learning a bit of movie trivia–it’s fascinating to find out how our favorite films are made. We’ve only scratched the surface of The Shining trivia, but now you know a few fun facts to impress your friends with!

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